Mikroskope, Komponenten und optische Messtechnik

Obsolete! Nikon L-200N konfigurierbar

Nikon Waferinspektionsmikroskop L200N (8" Wafer) MBA60220, Auflicht, frei konfigurierbar. Bitte schicken Sie eine kurze Anfrage, wir werden uns dann kurzfristig mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen.

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MAK10110 CFI 10X with dioptre adjustment (F.O.V. 22mm) MAK10120 CFI 12.5X with dioptre adjustment (F.O.V. 16mm) MAK10150 CFI 15X with dioptre adjustment (F.O.V. 14.5mm) MAK11100 CFI 10X M photo mask with dioptre adjustment (F.O.V.22mm) MAK12105 CFI 10X CM crossline reticule with dioptre adjustment (F.O.B.22mm) MAK30105 CFI UW 10X with dioptre adjustment (F.O.V. 25mm) MUL00031 CF Plan 2.5XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.075/8.8mm) MUL00051 CF Plan 5XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.13/22.5mm) MUL00101 CF Plan 10XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.3/16.5mm) MUL00201 CF Plan 20XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.46/3.1mm) MUL00501 CF Plan 50XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.8/0.54mm) MUL00901 CF Plan 100XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.95/0.3mm) MUL03201 CF Plan ELWD 20XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.40/11.0mm) MUL03501 CF Plan ELWD 50XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.55/8.7mm) MUL03901 CF Plan ELWD 100XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.80/2.0mm) MUL04101 CF Plan SLWD 10XA (NA/WD:0.21/20.30mm) MUL04201 CF Plan SLWD 20XA (NA/WD:0.35/20.50mm) MUL04501 CF Plan SLWD 50XA (NA/WD:0.45/13.80mm) MUL04901 CF Plan SLWD 100XA (NA/WD:0.73/4.70mm) MUT10051 CF Plan Apo 50XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.95/0.35mm) MUT10101 CF Plan Apo 100XA, EPI (NA/WD:0.95/0.32mm) MUT10153 CF Plan Apo 150X B, EPI (NA/WD:0.95/0.2mm) MUM00051 *CF Plan 5XA, BD (NA/WD:0.13/10.0mm) MUM00102 *CF Plan 10XA, BD (NA/WD:0.3/6.5mm) MUM00202 *CF Plan 20XA, BD (NA/WD:0.46/3.1mm) MUM00501 *CF Plan 50XA, BD (NA/WD:0.8/0.54mm) MUM00902 *CF Plan 100XA, BD (NA/WD:0.9/0.39mm) MUM20202 *CF Plan 20XA, BD DIC (NA/WD:0.46/3.1mm) MUM20501 *CF Plan 50XA, BD DIC (NA/WD:0.8/0.54mm) MUM20902 *CF Plan 100X A, BD DIC (NA/WD:0.9/0.39mm) MUM03501 *CF Plan ELWD 50XA, BD (NA/WD:0.55/8.2mm) MUM03901 *CF Plan ELWD 100XA, BD (NA/WD:0.80/2.0mm) MUM23201 *CF Plan ELWD 20XA, DIC (NA/WD:0.40/11.0mm) MUM23501 *CF Plan ELWD 50XA, DIC (NA/WD:0.55/8.2mm) MUM23901 *CF Plan ELWD 100XA, DIC (NA/WD:0.80/2.0mm) MUU10100 *CF Plan Apo 100X, BD (NA/WD:0.90/0.4mm) MUU10200 *CF Plan Apo 200X, BD (NA/WD:0.90/0.3mm) MUL40101 CF Plan DI 10X A, EPI (NA/WD:0.30/7.4mm) MUL40201 CF Plan DI 20X, EPI (NA/WD:0.40/4.7mm) MUL40501 CF Plan DI 50X, EPI (NA/WD:0.55/3.40mm) MUL40900 CF PLAN DI100X, EPI (NA/WD:0.7/2.0mm) MUL42031 CF Plan TI 2.5X, EPI(NA/WD:0.075/10.30mm) MUL42051 CF Plan TI 5.0X, EPI(NA/WD:0.13/9.30mm) MXB23312 ADAPTER FOR CFN FILAR MICROMETER EYEPIECE 10XA MXA23061 25IF Filter for LV-UEPI MXA23059 LV TI Objective Adapter MUE12010 CFI T Plan Epi 1X, (NA/WD : 0.03/3.8mm) MUE12030 CFI T Plan Epi 2.5X, (NA/WD : 0.075/6.5mm) MUE00031 CFI L Plan EPI 2.5x, (NA/WD : 0.075/8.8mm) MUE00400 CF L Plan Epi 40X, (NA/WD : 0.65/1.0mm) MUE12050 CFI TU Plan FLUOR Epi 5X, (NA/WD : 0.15/23.5mm) MUE12100 CFI TU Plan FLUOR Epi 10X, (NA/WD : 0.30/17.50mm) MUE12200 CFI TU Plan FLUOR Epi 20X, (NA/WD : 0.45/4.5mm) MUE12500 CFI TU Plan FLUOR Epi 50X, (NA/WD : 0.80/1.0mm) MUE12900 CFI TU Plan FLUOR Epi 100X, (NA/WD : 0.90/1.0mm) MUE13050 CFI TU Plan Fluor Epi P 5X (N.A. 0.15/W.D. 23.5mm) MUE13100 CFI TU Plan Fluor Epi P 10X (N.A. 0.3/W.D. 17.5mm) MUE13200 CFI TU Plan Fluor Epi P 20X (N.A. 0.45/W.D. 4.5mm) MUE13500 CFI TU Plan Fluor Epi P 50X (N.A. 0.80/W.D. 1.0mm) MUE13900 CFI TU Plan Fluor Epi P 100X (N.A. 0.90/W.D. 1.0mm) MUE21200 CFI TU Plan Epi ELWD 20x (NA/WD:0.40/19.0mm) MUE21500 CFI TU Plan Epi ELWD 50x (NA/WD:0.6/11.0mm) MUE21900 CFI TU Plan Epi ELWD 100x (NA/WD:0.80/4.5mm) MUE31100 CFI T Plan Epi SLWD 10x (NA/WD : 0.20/37.0mm) MUE31200 CFI T Plan Epi SLWD 20x (NA/WD : 0.30/30.0mm) MUE31500 CFI T Plan Epi SLWD 50x (NA/WD : 0.40/22.0mm) MUE31900 CFI T Plan Epi SLWD 100x (NA/WD : 0.60/10.0mm) MUC11500 CFI TU Plan Apo Epi 50x (NA/WD : 0.80/2.0mm) MUC11900 CFI TU Plan Apo Epi 100x (NA/WD : 0.90/2.0mm) MUC11150 CFI TU Plan Apo Epi 150x (NA/WD : 0.90/1.5mm) MUE35200 CFI Plan EPI 20x CR (NA/WD : 0.45/10.9-10.0mm) MUE35500 CFI Plan EPI 50x CR (NA/WD : 0.70/3.9-3.0mm) MUE35900 CFI Plan EPI 100x CRA (NA/WD 0.85/1.2-0.85mm) MUE35910 CFI Plan EPI 100x CRB (NA/WD 0.85/1.3-0.95mm) MUE42050 CFI TU Plan FLUOR BD 5X (NA/WD : 0.15/18.0mm) MUE42100 CFI TU Plan FLUOR BD 10X (NA/WD : 0.30/15.0mm) MUE42200 CFI TU Plan FLUOR BD 20X (NA/WD : 0.45/4.5mm) MUE42500 CFI TU Plan FLUOR BD 50X (NA/WD : 0.80/1.00mm) MUE42900 CFI TU Plan FLUOR BD 100X (NA/WD : 0.90/1.00mm) MUE61200 CFI TU Plan BD ELWD 20x (NA/WD:0.40/19.00mm) MUE61500 CFI TU Plan BD ELWD 50x (NA/WD:0.6/11.0mm) MUE61900 CFI TU Plan BD ELWD 100x (NA/WD:0.80/4.5mm) MUC41500 CFI TU Plan Apo BD 50x (NA/WD : 0.80/2.0mm) MUC41900 CFI TU Plan Apo BD 100x (NA/WD : 0.90/2.0mm) MUC41150 CFI TU Plan Apo BD 150x (NA/WD : 0.9/1.5mm) MUW00200 LR PLAN APO NIR 20x (NA/WD: 0.4/25mm) MUW00500 LR PLAN APO NIR 50x (NA/WD: 0.42/20mm) MUW00210 LR PLAN APO NIR 20x (NA/WD: 0.4/24mm) MUW00510 LR PLAN APO NIR 50x (NA/WD: 0.42/19mm) MXA20016 MD NOSEPIECE ADAPTER (M26-20.32) MXA20615 I NOSEPIECE ADAPTER (M27-20.32) MXA23017 LU NOSEPIECE ADAPTER (M32-25) MXA20750 C-OA 15mm ADAPTER MQD42140 C MOUNT TV RELAY LENS 4X MQD42120 C MOUNT TV RELAY LENS 2.5X MQD12012 C MOUNT TV ADAPTER W/O 1X RELAY MQD12011 1X RELAY LENS FOR TV ADAPTER MQD12022 C MOUNT ADAPTER/CCTV ZOOMING LENS MQD12013 ENG MOUNT TV ADAPTER W/O 1X RELAY MQD51050 V-TVL ENG 38 0.45X-B MQD42940 C-MOUNT 0.38x DN100 RELAY LENS MQD42040 C-MOUNT ADAPTER 0.45x MBA67010 L300ND STAND 100/240V MBA67110 L300N STAND 100/240V MBF11200 Power Cord Type BU 100/120V MBB60020 Trinocular Tilting Eyepiece Tube L2-TTA ( erect image, 100:0/0:100 ) MBB60010 Trinocular Tilting Eyepiece Tube L2-TT2A ( erect image, 100:0/20:80 ) MAB53410 V-T PHOTO ADAPTER MBC67000 L3-S12 14x12 Stage for L300 MBC67100 L3-S12WH 12 inch Wafer Holder for L300 MBC67200 L3-SGP Glass Plate for L300 MBV60050 Breath Shield Plate for L300/L200 MUD00050 MTI LE PLAN EPI 5x (NA/WD : 0.10/31mm) MUD00100 MTI LE PLAN EPI 10x (NA/WD : 0.25/13mm) MUD00200 MTI LE PLAN EPI 20x (NA/WD : 0.40/3.6mm) MUD00500 MTI LE PLAN EPI 50x (NA/WD : 0.75/0.50mm) MUD00900 MTI LE PLAN EPI 100x (NA/WD : 0.90/0.31mm) MBE65275 LV-LH50PC Precentered Lamphouse MXA23045 LV-HL50W 12V50W Halogen Lamp MBN60700 FILTER 25 NCB FOR L200 (EPI/DIA) MBN60710 FILTER 25 ND4 FOR L200 (EPI/DIA) MBN60740 FILTER 25 ND16 FOR L200 (EPI/DIA) MBE65700 LV-LL LED Lamphouse (Option) MBE34100 EPI-FL UV-2A FILTER BLOCK MBE34103 Epi FL V-2A MBE34130 Epi FL BV-2A MBE34132 Epi FL B-2A MBE34170 Epi FL G-2A MBN61700 45mm NCB11 FILTER FOR X200 SERIES MBN61800 45mm ND2&4 FILTERS FOR X200 SERIES MBN61810 45mm ND8 FILTER FOR X200 SERIES MBE60112 L3N-FIAD FIBER GUIDE ADAPTER FOR L3 MXK37070 RS232C CROSS CABLE 3m MBP60170 L-DIC DIC Slider MBP60160 L-DIHC DIC Prism HC for L300/L300D/L200/L200D/L150A/L150/ME600L MBN60920 L2-PO Polarizer for L300/L200 MBN67940 L2-RPO Rotatable Polarizer for L300/L200 MBN60921 L2-AN Analyzer for L300/L200 MBN67920 L2-RAN Rotatable Analyzer for L300/L200 MBN67945 L3-RPOD Rotatable Polarizer for L300 MBA60220 L200N STAND 100/240V MBA60320 L200ND STAND 100/240V MBB63425 LV-TI3 Trinocular Eyepiece Tube CH with erect image MBC60210 L2-S8A 8x8 STAGE MBC60500 L2-S8WH 8 inch Wafer Holder for L200 MXA20186 Glass Plate for 6x6 Stage* MBN60730 FILTER 25 GIF FOR L200 (EPI/DIA) MBA61005 Eclipse LV150NA Stand (100-240V) MBA61015 Eclipse LV150N Stand (100-240V) with built-in Transformer for 100-240V MBA61135 Eclipse LV100ND Stand (100-240V) MBA61125 Eclipse LV100NDA Stand (100-240V) MBA61025 Eclipse LV150NL Stand (100-240V) MBB61000 LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube with erect image MBB92106 C-TB Binocular Tube/CN MBB93106 C-TF Trinocular Tube F (China) MBB93115 C-TT Trinocular Tube T (China) MBB93800 C-TE2 Ergonomic Binocular Tube MBJ04102 CFN FILAR MICROMETER EYEPIECE 10XN MXA20714 0.5X 2ND OBJECTIVE LENS MBB96800 C-TEP2 DSC PORT FOR ERGONOMIC (Exclusive for C-TE2 Ergo Tube) MBB74100 Y-IDP Double Port (Port: 100:0/55:45) MBB74105 Y-IDP Double Port 0/100 (Port: 100:0/0:100) MBJ62105 LV-10X ESD EYEPIECE LENS 10X MBP71316 C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD,CN MBP60125 LV-NBD5 BD Quintuple Nosepiece?ESD MBP60115 LV-NU5 Universal Quintuple Nosepiece?ESD MBP60108 LV-NU5I Intelligent Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD (CHINA) MBP60105 LV-NU5A Motorized Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD MBP60106 LV-NU5AC Motorized Universal Quintuple Centerable Nosepiece ESD MBF65410 LV-INAD Adapter for Intelligent Nosepiece MBC60405 LV-S6 6x6 Stage (CHINA) "MBC60600 L-S6 WH Wafer Holder 6"",5"",4""" MBC60610 L-S6PL ESD Plate "MBC60411 L-S64 6"" x 4"" Stage with Glass Plate" "MBC60700 LV-S32 3"" x 2"" Stage with Glass Plate" "MBC60710 LV-S32SGH Slide Glass Holder to be used with 3"" x 2"" stage (MBC60700)" "MBC60720 LV-S32PL ESD Plate to be used with 3"" x 2"" stage (MBC60700)" MBD65031 LV-CR Column Rizer 35 MUD10050 LE PLAN BD 5x (NA/WD : 0.10/18mm) MUD10100 LE PLAN BD 10x (NA/WD : 0.25/13mm) MUD10200 LE PLAN BD 20x (NA/WD : 0.40/3.6mm) MUD10500 LE PLAN BD 50x (NA/WD : 0.75/0.50mm) MBE60215 LV 150NL-LED Epi-illuminator MBE60201 LV-UEPI-N Universal Epi-illumination Attachment MBN66750 YM-NCB 25 Filter Slider NCB11 MBN66760 YM-ND 25 Filter Slider ND4/ND16 MBE60300 LV-UEPI 2 Universal Epi Illuminator MBE60310 LV-UEPI 2A Universal Epi Illuminator MBL16105 C-LAR LWD Achromat Condenser /CN MBE60500 LV-EPILED MBE65280 LV-HGFA Fiber Adapter for SHG MBE60320 LVUEPI2-DLS Double Light Source Adapter MEF52251 TI-PS100W/A Power Supply 100-240V/A MXA29002 Extension Cable For Simultaneous DIA/EPI Illumination MBN66923 LV-PO Polarizer for LV-U EPI 2/2A MBN66922 L-AN Analyzer for LV-U EPI MBN66925 LV-FLAN FL Analyzer for LV-U EPI 2/2A MBE64100 LV-PAB Polarizer/Analyzer Block for LV-UEPI2A MBN66924 LV-?P ?Plate for LV-U EPI 2/2A MBB75370 C-SP Simple Polarizer MBL12010 Dark Field Condenser Lens, DRY for X/Y MBL71105 C-AB Abbe Condenser/CN MBL71205 C-AR Achromat Condenser/CN MBL71505 C-SA Slide Achromat Condenser /CN MBN66730 25MM GIF Filter MBE41204 C-FL-C UV-2A Filter Cube MBE42104 C-FL-C V-2A?Filter Cube MBE43104 C-FL-C BV-2A Filter Cube MBE44504 C-FL-C B-2A Filter Cube MBE45504 C-FL-C G-2A Filter Cube MBB73520 Y-T TV TUBE FOR C-MOUNT ADAPTER A MBP60107 LV-NU5AI U5AI Motorized Nosepiece MBC91030 NIU-CSRR2 Right Handle Rotatable Ceramic Stage with Holder MDC82000 LV-SRP Rotatable Stage for Polarizing MDC83000 P-GS2 CIRCULAR GRADUATED STAGE2 MDC45000 P-AMH MECHANICAL STAGE (MADE IN GERMANY) MBC91110 C-SR2S Right Handle Stage with 2S Holder MBD65003 LV-SAD Stage Adapter MRH00041 CFI Plan Fluor 4XA (N.A. 0.13, W.D. 17.1 mm) MRH00101 CFI Plan Fluor 10XA (N.A. 0.30, W.D. 16.0 mm) MRH00201 CFI Plan Fluor 20XA (N.A. 0.50, W.D. 2.1 mm) MRH00401 CFI Plan Fluor 40XA (N.A. 0.75, W.D. 0.66 mm) MRH00602 CFI Plan Fluor 60XA (N.A. 0.85, W.D. 0.3 mm) MRH10101 CFI Plan Fluor DLL 10X (N.A. 0.30, W.D. 16.0 mm, Ph1) MRH10201 CFI Plan Fluor DLL 20X (N.A. 0.50, W.D. 2.1 mm, Ph1) MRH10401 CFI Plan Fluor DLL 40X (N.A. 0.75, W.D. 0.66 mm +, Ph2) MRH20101 CFI Plan Fluor DL10X F (N.A. 0.30, W.D. 15.2 mm, Ph1) MBL68615 LV-CUD Universal Condenser MBH60201 LV-C 2x-4x Aux. Lens MBH70250 D-C Darkfield Module MBH72300 D-C DIC Module N1 Dry MBH72310 D-C DIC Module N2 Dry MBH70210 D-C Phase Module Ph-1 Dry N.A. 0.25-0.5 MBH70220 D-C Phase Module Ph-2 Dry N.A. 0.55-0.95 MBH70230 D-C Phase Module Ph-3 Dry N.A. 1.0-1.4 MDL11300 Achromat Strain-Free Condenser Lens MBN66927 LV-UPO Polarizer MBH63100 LV DIC Epi DIC Slider A MBH63110 LV-DIC Epi DIC Slider B MBH63200 LV-DIHC Epi DIC Slider HC A MBH63210 LV-DIHC Epi DIC Slider HC B MBN74940 D-DP DIC ROTATABLE POLARIZER MBN74920 D-DA DIC ANALYZER MBN64960 LV-?P Lamda Plate MBH72330 D-C DIC Module NR Dry MBH76210 D-C DIC SLIDER 10X MBH76220 D-C DIC SLIDER 20X MBH76240 D-C DIC SLIDER 40XI MBH76260 D-C DIC SLIDER 60XII MBH76290 D-C DIC SLIDER 100XII MAK85005 C-CT CENTERING TELESCOPE WITH UW ADAPTER MEA63000 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope ECLIPSE MA200 MEB63400 MA-TI3 Trinocular Eyepiece Tube ESD(erect image) MBB75710 C-ER EYELEVEL RISER MEP91405 MA-N7-I Intelligent Septuple Nosepiece MBF65331 LV-NCNT-N Motorized Nosepiece Controller MEC41020 MA2-SR Rectangular Stage (with standard holder) MFC41030 MA2-SRSH Specimen Holder Set (with a pinch) MFC41031 MA2-SRSH Specimen Holde Set(With a pinch,mm) MFC41040 MA2-SRSH40 Specimen holder MFC41050 MA2-SRSH10 Specimen holder MFC41060 MA2-SRSH 25-40 Specimen holder MFC41010 MA-SRSH1 Universal Specimen Holder MEE61000 MA2-DP Supporting Piller for Dia-illuminatior 100W MEL51000 TI-C SYSTEM CONDENSER TURRET MEL47500 TE-C ELWD-S CONDENSER MEL56200 TI-C-LWD LWD LENS UNIT FOR SYSTEM CONDENSER TURRET MEL37400 ELWD LENS UNIT FOR SYSTEM CONDENSER TURRET UNIT MBE75221 D-LH/LC PRECENTERED LAMPHOUSE (LONG-CABLE) MEF52250 TI-PS100W POWER SUPPLY 100-240V MXA20434 HALOGEN LAMP 12V 100W LL MBN11200 FILTER, 45MM, GIF MBN11710 FILTER, 45MM, NCB11 MBN21802 FILTER, 45MM, ND2 A MBN21816 FILTER, 45MM, ND16 A MEN51941 T-P2 DIC POLARIZER MEN51970 TI-DIC LAMBDA PLATE FOR DIC ATTACHMENT MBN74960 D-LP LAMBDA PLATE MEB65500 MA2-MC Magnification Module MEM61120 MA2-GR Grain Size Slider MEM61130 MA2-MR Scale Slider MED63001 MA2-MP Supporting Arm2 for DS MXK23011 USB HUB (USB-HUB13GPH) MEN66900 MA2-PA Polarizing Filter Cube MEN66910 MA2-UPA Polarizing Filter Cube MEN66920 MA2-lambda plate MEE64300 FI Filter Block MA2-FL G (EX:510-560nm, BA:590nm) MEE64310 FI Filter Block MA2-FL B (EX:450-490nm, BA520nm) MEE64320 FI Filter Block MA2-FL BV (EX:400-440nm, BA:470nm) MEE64330 FI Filter Block MA2-FL V (EX:380-420nm, BA:450nm) MFA44000 ECLIPSE MA100N Main Body MMK30105 TS2-W 10x EYEPIECE LENS (F.N.22) MFM44000 MA-EPRGS Grain Size Reticle MFC41001 MA-SR-N Rectangular Stage N MFC44001 MA-SP-N Plain Stage N MFC35004 TS2-S-SM Mechanical Stage MFC44031 MA-SH1-N Specimen Holder 1N MFC44021 MA-SH2-N Specimen Holder 2N MFC44010 MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 MEC55016 C-S-HU Universal Holder MFN42921 MA-P/A-N Simple Polarizing Set MFB36100 TS2-P-CF Camera Port100 MQD43030 C-0.63x-Ts2 C Mount Adapter


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