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Microscopes & Components

Please note that we can only illustrate some possible microscope configurations or components. Therefore, please send us a short enquiry, should you have further wishes, we will contact you shortly.

360° inspection stand (e.g. circuit board inspection)

Extremely stable 360° inspection/repair workstation with granite ball stage (400mm), focus unit tiltable with quick clamp for optional SMZ1270(i)/SMZ800N/SMZ745(T) or existing microscope with 76mm mounting diameter

Angular view module

360° angled optics with LED ring illumination, integrated 0.3x lens, light point for position finding, viewing angle 30°, working distance 100mm for SMZ1270(i)/SMZ800N

TIS microscope camera D5264K

TIS microscope camera DS5264K 5 Megapixel with simple image acquisition software incl. measuring functions (USB3.0)

Nikon microscope camera Digital Sight 1000, MQA19000

Nikon microscope camera Digital Sight 1000 MQA19000 for direct connection to a monitor, recording on SD card possible (HDMI, no PC required)

Nikon microscope camera DS-Fi3, MQA18000

Nikon microscope camera DS-Fi3 MQA18000, 5.9 megapixels, use with Nikon microscope software NIS-Elements (USB3.0)

Nikon microscope camera Digital Sight 10, MQA20000

Nikon microscope camera Digital Sight 10 MQA20000, 23,9 Megapixel (6K Ultra-HD) use with Nikon microscope software NIS-Elements for challenging tasks (USB3.2)

Nikon Software NIS-Elements D

Nikon microscope software NIS-Elements D MQS33001

Nikon Software NIS-Elements BR

Nikon microscope software NIS-Elements BR MQS32001 with automatic measuring functions via threshold values

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