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Nikon MM400/800, Nikon MM-400/MM-800 configurable

Nikon measuring microscope MM400/800 EDA54200 EDA58200 EDA54100 EDA58100 EDA54400 EDA58400 EDA54000 EDA58000 EDA54300 EDA58300 freely configurable. Please send us a short enquiry, we will contact you shortly.

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EDA54200 MM-400/LM Stand PAE08410 Power Cord (220-240V) EDC50005 Trinocular Optical Head(CHINA) EDB40205 Binocular Eyepiece Tube EDF50001 Measuring Microscope Objective Adapter EDF20031 Objective Lens 3xA EDD50001 LED EPI Illuminator A EDD51001 LED DIA Illuminator A EFB50300 3-Axis Digital Counter SC3-E1 EDA58200 MM-800/LM Stand EXA20394 Carrying Bar M20 (4pcs) EDC50200 Trinocular Optical FA Head EDC51005 Trinocular Optical Head for Dual Objective Lens EDC51200 Trinocular Optical FA Head for Dual Objective Lens EDA54100 MM-400/L Stand PAE00102 AC Adapter EDA58100 MM-800/L Stand PAE00101 MM AC Adapter EDA54400 MM-400/SL Stand PXA20218 Z-Signal Cable EDA58400 MM-800/SL Stand EDA54000 MM-400 Stand EDC52005 Monocular Optical Head CH EDG40105 Eyepiece 10x for MM Series/CH MBJ99000 Eye guard for CFWN 10x EDD52000 EPI Illuminator for Monocular Optical Head EFB50200 2-Axis Digital Counter SC2-E1 EDA58000 MM-800 Stand EDA54300 MM-400/S Stand EDA58300 MM-800/S Stand PPB27700 Stage 2x2B (50mm x 50mm) PPB37700 Stage 4x4B (100mm x 100mm) PPB47700 Stage 6x4B (150mm x 100mm) PPB57700 Stage 8x6B (200mm x 150mm) PPB67700 Stage 10x6B (250mm x 150mm) PPB77700 Stage 12x8C (300mm x 200mm) EFH28000 Stage Adapter for MM800 (For stage 6x4B, 4x4B,2x2B) PXA20225 Large Stage Adjustment Knob PPE42100 Rotating Table Type 3 PPE50110 Rotating Table Type 4 PPG40000 Tilting Centre Fixture (is used with MM200, 2x2Stage, Rotating table 3) PPF00000 V-Block Fixture EDF20010 Objective Lens 1x EDF20052 Objective Lens 5xA EDF20102 Objective Lens 10xA EDF20201 Objective Lens 20xA EDF20501 Objective Lens 50xA EDF21001 Objective Lens 100xA EDG20100 Eyepiece 10x EDG20600 Protractor Eyepiece 10' Reading EDG20701 Protractor Eyepiece 10x 1' Reading A EDG50700 Digital Protractor 1'/10' Reading for MM-200/400/800 EXA20340 Monocular Eyepiece Tube Adapter EDH20410 Concentric Circles Type A EXB20686 Reticule Slider 10 for MM400/800 Trinocular Optical Head (10?m) EXB20691 Reticule Slider 3 for MM400/800 Trinocular Optical Head (3?m) EDD52001 Episcopic Illuminator for MM-400/800 Monocular Optical Head EXK30024 8-Segments LED Ring Light CYN-E1 (100-240V) EXA20411 E-Bus Cable (for CYN-E1 Control from E-MAX) MXK60234 LED Ring Illuminator LMS100x60-15W EXA20409 Ring Illuminator Adapter MME39600 C-FIR Bifurcated Fibre Light Guide MMF32920/32940 C-FPS 115 Fluorescent Ring illuminator (with Transformer) EXK30083 8-Segments LED Ring Light S (100-240V) EXA20364 Arm for Digital Counter Series EFB51500 Data Processor Console DP-E1A EDF11000 Data Processing Software E-MAX 2 EXA20371 Calibration Plate MQA12010 DS Camera Head DS-Vi1 MQA25020 Digital Camera Control Unit DS-U3 MQF11010 DS Camera I/F Cable 20-26 EXK30282 IEEE 1394B Cable EFF50000 Nikon Metrology Software U-DP EFA50000 Retrofit Counter/DP Unit EXA20367 9-25 Pins RS-232C Cross Cable (2m) EXK30105 Printer Paper P220AG (80mm x 75m, 1 roll) EXK30104 Printer Paper P220AG (58mm x 75m, 1 roll) EXA20366 9-9 Pins RS-232C Normal Cable (2m) EXK21156 Printer Paper (1 roll) EXK21705 AC Adapter & Cable (220-240V) EXK30287 DPU-414 AC ADAPTER 100-240V PPL00100 Counter Remote Switch PPL00200 XY Reset Switch EFE00202 Foot Switch 4 PXA20224 Connection Cable for Simultaneous use of Counter Remote Switch EDH40400 CONCENTRIC CIRCLES RETICLE PXA20161 Stage Glass O3L/O3 Stage PXA20082 Stage Glass 2x2 Stage PXA20198 Stage Glass 4x4 Stage PXA20226 Stage Glass for 4x4B PXA20199 Stage Glass 6x4 Stage PXA20227 Stage Glass for 6x4B PXA20200 Stage Glass 8x6 Stage PXA20228 Stage Glass for 8x6B PXA20213 Stage Glass 10x6 Stage PXA20212 Stage Glass 12X8 Stage PXA20201 Rotating Table Glass 3 for Rotating Table Type 3 PXA20092 Rotating Table Glass 4 for Rotating Table Type 4 EXA20416 Dust Cover Type 220 for MM-800 MXA22062 Dust Cover Type 108 for MM-400 EXK35007 Printer Paper, 58mm width (5 rolls) PXA20184 Lubricating Oil Type M-1 EDC54005 U-Bracket Mount LV Enquire MM-800/S Stand EDB50300 LV-TT2 Trinocular Tube (with Built-in Reticule) MBN65810 25mm ND2 Filter EDC52200 LV-U EPI FA EDD55805 MM-LH50PC U Lamp house LV 12V50W EDD52200 Halogen Light Intensity Control Cable EDE51000 Motorized U-EPI Driver EXK30276 Thermal Printer Model TSP654-? EXK30157 Vibration Isolation Table for MM Series PCA40000 Profile Projector V-12BDC (100-120V) PXA20181 Chart Clip Type LL(4 pcs) PXA20108 Halogen Lamp 24V150W for spare(8 pcs) PAH09100 Lamp Centring Lens PAH03000 Anti-glare Shield PXA20222 Dust Cover Type 210 PXA20189 Carrying Bar M12 (4 pcs) PCA40200 Profile Projector V-12BDC (220-230-240V) PCA41000 Profile Projector V-12BD (100-120V) PCA41200 Profile Projector V-12BD (220-230-240V) PCA42200 Profile Projector V-12BSC (220-230-240V) PCA43200 Profile Projector V-12BS (220-230-240V) PXK21003 Magnet Type V-Block Fixture PCB30501 Projection Lens 5xA PCB31001 Projection Lens 10xA PCB32001 Projection Lens 20xA PCB32501 Projection Lens 25x PCB35001 Projection Lens 50xA PCB38101 Projection Lens 100xA PCB38201 Projection Lens 200xA PCH39200 DIA Adapter A PCE47200 DIA Condenser Lens for 200xA PCE37400 EPI Condenser Lens for 200x Projection Lens PAJ02100 *SS-1 Detector 12 (= Stock Sales) PAJ01000 *Screen Sensor SS-1 Control Box (= Stock Sales) EXA20365 9-9 Pins RS-232C Cross Cable (2m) EFE00201 Foot Switch 3 EXA20418 Retrofit Unit Connection cable for Profile Projector EFE00200 Foot Switch 2 PAH02000 Glass Scale Set, metric PAH01301 300mm Glass Reading Scale with holder PCH36100 Green Filter for contour illumination PCH36200 ND Filter PAH05010 Accessory Cabinet PXK21035 Profile Projector Table B for V-12B Series PXA20202 Fine Grain Ground Screen Glass PXA20219 OS Conversion Cable PXA20220 NS Conversion Cable PFA20200 Profile Projector V-20B PXA20216 V-20B Riser PFH27000 Smaller Stage Adapter S for V-20B PFB20501 Projection Lens 5xA for V-20B PFB21001 Projection Lens 10xA for V-20B PFB22001 Projection Lens 20xA for V-20B PFB25001 Projection Lens 50xA for V-20B PFB28101 Projection Lens 100xA for V-20B PAJ02300 *SS-1 Detector 20 (= Stock Sales) EXK21163 Spare fuses for 220-240V (3 pcs) PXA20221 Screen Glass for V-20B PXA20107 Tungsten Bulb 6.3V-0.25A for Pilot Lamp


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